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Selection Procedure of the Participants:

Since after the completion of this course, community volunteers of Dhaka will play their role as first responder for any disaster, the authority of Fire Service & Civil Defence Directorate of Bangladesh, was very much keen and sincere regarding the selection procedure for this said course. After getting the approval from CDMP, Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate of Bangladesh sent several request letters to the Honorable Mayor of Dhaka City Corporation, Counselors and others regarding the selection of the participants so that appropriate participants might be selected. Beside this, Deputy Director as well as Assistant Director of Fire Service & Civil Defence, Dhaka also coordinated with the Honorable Mayor of Dhaka, Counselors and others in this issue and organized an extensive screening process for the selection of participants. In this selection process, as per the project plan, those participants were selected who meet the selection criteria of participants as mentioned in our project plan. The criteria for the selection process of participants were as below:

The participant should be:

  • be interested and willing to attend the course
  • be ready to play the role as first
  • responder/volunteer in case of any disaster
  • be physically and mentally fit
  • be of 18-40 years old
  • be SSC pass literate
  • be locally resided/inhabitants
  • Elite group (like Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Imam, Influential person of the community etc.)

After a thorough assessment, 50 participants were selected and duly registered for the above mentioned course.
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