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Impression of Urban Community Volunteer

Urban Community Volunteers Training Program has rapidly changed the views about Fire Service and Civil Defence. From CLVT program they learned how to help the distress people during any disaster. They also learned how to conduct search, rescue operation, how to extinguish fire in the preliminary stage of fire, how extricate trapped victim from collapsed building & provide first Aid. Moreover they have learned about the emergency evacuation & the basic tips of earthquake and fire. They also thanked FSCD & CDMP for timely organizing this type of CLVT program which create awareness among the community Volunteer.

After getting training they are now capable to support FSCD’s professional & by this time they jointly took part Tejgaon building collapsed, Nakhalpara Hospital building collapsed & recent Batali hill land slides which was widely covered in the media.

Now they feel proud being trained Urban Community Volunteer.

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